Why to have vacation in Primorsko


Last year my husband suggested we spend our summer holiday in Primorsko. I took a really jaundiced view of the perspective of going to a new, unknown place, but my husband was absolutely sure that we would have the perfect family vacation at this summer resort. He proved to be right!

Primorsko is located on a small peninsula in southeastern Bulgaria. The resort is in the region of Burgas, 25 km away from Sozopol and 15 km away from Tzarevo. I had been passing by the town many times, but never stayed there for a long time. I was reluctant to go to Primorsko and while we were travelling I was picturing unpleasant surprises during our vacation there. However, when we arrived at Primorsko my bad thoughts disappeared immediately! The hotel was cosy, nice and affordable. I started gradually to accept the idea of spending a pleasant holiday in Primorsko. As we left our luggage, we went for a walk with our children. The first place we rushed to see was the beach, of course! There are four main beaches in Primorsko – Northern Beach, Central Beach, Southern Beach and Perla (Pearl) Beach. They are great and perfect for sun-baths, but I cannot spend the whole time lying on my back! So the third day of our vacation we devoted to a visit of the impressive natural reserve- Ropotamo. It includes smaller reserves – Arkutino, Vodni Lilii (Water-Lilies), Morski Pelin (Sea Wormwood), Zmiiskiyat Ostrov (The Snake Island), also known as Saint Toma Island. We saw numerous water lilies, rock formations, called “Lavskata glava” (Lion’s head”) and “Veselata skala” (“The happy rock”), swamps and sand dunes. There are many protected animal and plant species. After the long and interesting day at Ropotamo reserve, we headed for Primorsko, full of excitement and impressions.

The following day we took the children to Aqualand, a huge aqua park with various water slides. The kids had a lot of fun there, so we promised to visit it again soon. It seemed that there were many attractive offers to spend your time in Primorsko – yacht parties at Novo Star Yacht, diving or trying some extreme sports. If you are not a sports guy, you can always find another entertainment in Primorsko! For me this was a small trip to Beglik Tash, a Thracian megalith sanctuary, which symbolized the cult of ancient people to the sun. The enormous stones of the sanctuary are carved and uniquely arranged by a Thracian tribe. The sanctuary is situated close to a residence of Bulgarian former communist leader Todor Zhivkov. During his rule, it was forbidden even for archaeologists to visit and explore the area. Beglik Tash was discovered in 2003.I left quite satisfied with the archaeological remains there! In the evening we met friends at the resort, who were single and we were really surprised to see them in Primorsko. They said Primorsko is great for single people too. The night life was attractive – many restaurants, bars and disco clubs tempted tourists with its exclusive offers. My friends had a big plan for the evening – first they wanted to go to Tequila Bar, then had an appointment at Karamba Bar and finally – at Luxor Disco Club. They explained that the atmosphere was incredible, the music – nice and the visitors – in a great holiday mood! So I thought that this amazing resort should be visited again next year. For so many reasons!

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