Which town is the cheapest one for summer holiday?

Chernomorec, Bulgaria

When visiting Bulgaria in the summer you have many options for your vacation. Some offers are more expensive than others and if you want to spend less money, you should choose a cheaper resort.

Firstly you should be informed, that following two summer resorts are not so popular (that’s why are so cheap). If you are looking for a popular, crowded tourist place you should go to Golden Sands in Bulgaria. There are numbers of great discos, bars, restaurants and attractions. Click here to see the best attractions in Golden Sands.

If you prefer going to northern coast of the Black Sea, you should stay at Byala.  The town is located 56 km south of Varna and 70 km north of Burgas. It is not a popular destination, but there is a great variety of family hotels, villas, apartments and rooms to stay at low prices.

The cheapest accommodations start from 5 Euro per person per night in high season. You can eat a breakfast for 1 Euro only! Children under 12 years stay for free.

Byala, Bulgaria - one of the chepest resort

One of the cheapest resort - Byala, Bulgaria

However, if you can afford higher prices, you can go to some of the family hotels for your holiday and you won’t be disappointed! These accommodations offer all-inclusive packages for tourists at a price of 20 Euro per person per night!

Byala is not among the top visited resorts in Bulgaria but it has many reasonable advantages. First and really important advantage is the cheap accommodations and the possibility to choose among a range of hotels and villas there. Second – it is not as crowded as in the other well-known sea resorts in Bulgaria. It is calm and nice and not boring at the same time!

Byala attracts tourists not only with low prices but with top attractions as well. One of the most interesting attractions in the resort is the Jeep Safari, which gives an opportunity for a memorable drive around the area, combined with horse riding, archery or air gun shooting. At the end of the trip tourists can taste and enjoy the best wines in this region. There is an attraction for children as well – a water slide, located on the central beach. Tourists who are fans of water sports can hire a boat or go for water skiing. Night life is dynamic and you can visit some of the numerous bars and restaurants at the resort or you can enjoy a glass of wine at the local winery.


If you are willing to visit the south coast of the Black Sea and save some money, you should spend your vacation at Chernomorets. This resort is situated 24 km southeast of Burgas and 8 km west of one of the top resorts – Sozopol.

Chernomorec, Bulgaria

Chernomorec, Bulgaria

It offers very cheap family hotels, apartments and rooms. The prices start from 3.5 Euro per night in high season.

If you like camps, there is a great opportunity to spend a few days at the nearby camp Gradina (Garden). You can stay at a bungalow there for 5 Euros per night. The camp is located on a beautiful beach with perfect conditions for surfing and practising various water sports.

However, if you are not fond of camping, Chernomorets is attractive enough for tourists who want to spend less money on their vacation. Restaurants offer delicious food and drink specialities at low prices. There are many open bars and cafes and numerous attractions for adults and children. The reasonable prices, the good conditions at the accommodations and the marvellous climate will definitely make you spend your next summer holiday in Chernomorets again!


However, the two mentioned resorts are definitely not the top summer resorts in Bulgaria. If you want to read something about 5 top summer resorts click here.

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