Wellness and spa resorts in Bulgaria

spa-resort-bulgariaApart from the sea, summer resorts and the mountain tourism, Bulgaria is famous for its wellness and spa tourism as well. Due to the hundreds of mineral springs in the country, with various chemical compositions, balneology has been developing quite well. Many wellness and spa resorts welcome tourists from all over the world during the whole year.


Popular spa and wellness resorts

Velingrad is one of the most preferable spa resorts in the country. It is definitely a place to visit in Bulgaria when you are interested in wellness. This town is situated in the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria. There are eighty springs in the area, the temperature of which varies between 28° C and 86° C. The mineral water helps for a treatment and prevention of numerous diseases. Along with the healing effect of mineral water, spa hotels in Velingrad offer lots of beauty and relax procedures, aroma and face therapies and massages. The tourist packages are usually at quite attractive prices and include many opportunities for spending precious moments there.

Another famous wellness and spa resort in Bulgaria is Hissarya. The mineral springs there put the foundation of a large Roman city, built up during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. The impressive bath complex, which was constructed around the warm mineral springs, included the so-called Roman thermae. These special thermae were used for procedures and treatment with mineral water. Fortunately, a great part of them survived through the centuries and tourists can see the interesting architecture of the ancient buildings. Most of the hotels in Hissarya offer unique programs for treatment and prevention of diseases of excretory system (prostate, renal disease, chronic inflammatory diseases of the excretory system), endocrine metabolic diseases (diabetes type II), digestive system (chronic gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, gastroduodenitis, chronic inflammation of the colon, chronic hepatitis), peripheral nervous system (neuralgia, neuritis) and diseases of Musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, arthritis).

I cannot miss Devinspa resort, located in the Rhodope Mountains, in southern Bulgaria, close to Pamporovo ski resort. This is the place with the largest number of mineral springs in the Balkan Peninsula. The temperature of the water varies between 37°C and 45°C. There are three spa complexes, which offer various therapies (physiotherapy, balneotherapy and physical therapy) and treatments (paraffin, algae and mud treatments).
It is obligatory to go for a walk around Devin – the nature in this region is incredibly beautiful and picturesque! The Devin River Valley, which is a protected area, is a magnificent gorge with impressive rock shapes and rare animal and plant species. There is an eco trail and fishing area as well. In the district, called “Kaleto”, tourists can see the ruins of an old fortress and medieval village. In the summer, the outdoor swimming pools in “Struilitsa” area turn into a great attraction for many visitors. If you prefer going for a walk, you can reach the waterfalls, called “Struilski Dol”. Many visitors like to take a rest and relax at Lisichevo” area and “Chural” area, which are situated on fifteen kilometres northwest of Devin.


Wellness and spa resorts are the best alternative of sea and mountain resorts. So when you plan your holiday in Bulgaria, consider these places for visiting, too. They offer relaxing atmosphere and complete recreation.

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