The Top Attractions The Golden Sands Offers To The Tourists

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is a beautiful summer resort that is located only 17 km away from Varna. It is a preferred place for tourists to rest, due to the cozy hotels, the many facilities located in it, the clean water and beaches, as well as its great attractions.

There are many other summer resorts in Bulgaria you should visit but I prefer this one.



What to do in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

One of these attractions is Aladja Monastery, which is located only a few kilometers away from Golden Sands. This is a must-see sight that is worth to be included into your holiday in this region. The name Aladja means colorful and it really is. You can see the colorful wall paintings of ancient monks, as well as there cells and sanctuaries, which date perhaps from the Middle Ages.

The monastery has two floors. The first floor is larger with rectangular premises where long time ago dead monks were buried. A narrow corridor leads to small concave inwards monastic cells. There is another rectangular room on the second floor, which previously served for the monastery chapel.

Where to go in Golden Sands, Bulgaria?

Another attractive place for visiting is the Golden Sands Nature Park, which surrounds the resort. You can enjoy a walk in the oak forest, which is almost 10 km long.

Tourists with kids will especially enjoy spending a whole day in the Aquapolis Aqua Park. It is located in the northeast part of the Golden Sands and has a capacity of 3000 people. There are different zones for little kids, for elder kids and for adults and lovers of extreme sports. A lot of water slides, pools and even a water bar invite the tourists, promising a relaxing and funny day.

Funs of the noisy entertainments will enjoy visits of the night club Arrogance Music Factory, which is on the resort’s coastal alley, not far away from its center. Everyone can find there his favorite music style, as it is divided into four sectors with different music genre.

Another exited place to visit is Bulgarian restaurant BM Morski drakon, which offers 50 seats, located on several terraces with panoramic view on the sea. The guests are entertained by large TV screens and you can enjoy Bulgarian pop, latino or other music genres, while choosing your menu.
A great place to visit for little adventurers is Maimunarnika Rope Park, which is located near the Golden Sands resort. It is a system of wooden rope constructions, stretched between the trees in the forest, making the world of Tarzan real.

Another great place to visit is the Golden Sands Harbour, which can provide you with the opportunity to take a coastwise navigation or to chart a yacht.

Children discos are another place in Golden Sands where the tourists with families can visit. There they will meet their favorite puppet characters. There are a lot of other possibilities for kids to have a great fun, like carting track, giant chess, different water slides and children’s pools.

Riviera resort near Golden Sands also offers a unique combination of cozy atmosphere and sea panorama all year round. It is a well-known place among local people who organize their wedding feasts and other special events in this beautiful place.


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