Incredible Adventures For Speleologists – Three Famous Bulgarian Caves

Although its name means ‘three towns’, Trigrad is actually a small and sparsely populated village. Its name probably comes from its past origin. However, this village, located in the end of Bulgaria near the Bulgarian-Greek border, is very attractive place for the lovers of adventures, as it offers amazing places to visit.

Trigrad is located in the beautiful Western Rhodope Mountains and has numerous archeological sites, among which are three of the most famous and impressive Bulgarian caves – Diavolskoto Garlo (Devil’s Throat), Haramiiska Cave and Yagodina Cave. There are also a lot of Thracian cave homes and cemeteries, located nearby that would be of a great interest to archeologists and palaeontologists. Let’s take a journey together that will reveal the speleologists what they can expect from these three Bulgarian caves.


What to see in Bulgaria – Caves

devils-throat-cave-bulgaria  The Devil’s Throat Cave is located about 7 km from Trigrad and is famous with its  underground waterfall. The cave is formed from the underground river that falls from 42 meters high. You will be impressed of the murmured river and the great sizes of the hall. The tourists have to climb up steep stairs in order to go out of the cave, while bats fly round their heads. You will notice a plaque, placed outside, which is in memorial of two people who dived to explore the water of this underground river, but died there.

haramiiska-cave-bulgariaThe next stop is Haramiiska Cave, which is about 5 km from the Devil’s Throat Cave. This cave is for those speleologists only, who are ready to experience strong emotions. The entrance of the cave is located 20 m high in the rock, so you need a special equipment to reach there. The equipment will be provided by two guides, who will instruct you during the way. After hard climbing and real alpinism, you will reach the entrance of the cave. However, this is only the beginning of adventures, as you will enter into a labyrinth of small and large halls that have been once inhabited by ancient people. You will be warned that you can see some cave scorpions, which are not dangerous. The temperature inside the cave will fall to -7 C and you will feel cold, before you are letting down to another large underground cavern from 43 meters high again with special equipment. This adventure is for extreme sport lovers only, as you will hang over the precipice on a single rope only, praying that it will endure. There is an exit from the underground cavern to come out and eventually drink some hot herbal tea with the guides.

Yagodina-cave-BulgariaThe last stop is Yagodina Cave, which is the largest cave in Bulgaria, 10 km long. It is a labyrinth of three levels with a lot of mysterious formations in it. The cave is located about 8 km from Trigrad and 3 km from Yagodina village. The cave is very famous among local population as well, and some Bulgarians even decide to organize their wedding ceremonies inside. The temperature inside is low, about + 6 C, so the tourists are advised to wear warm cloths despite of the warm weather outside.


The visitors of this incredible and full of surprises region will have real fun and unforgettable memories with this natural wonders of Bulgaria. Besides of popular summer resorts and cities like Burgas, Varna and Sofia, these caves are definitely worth places to go in Bulgaria.

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