Golden Sands – Summer sea beach resort in Bulgaria

Feautured Golden sands beach - award winning

Golden Sands is among the most attractive and largest Bulgarian resorts, located only 18 km from Varna. Its location along the Black Sea coast beach offers beautiful and clean beaches where tourists can sunbathe and enjoy the safe water during the summer months.

Golden sands are between the top 5 summer Bulgarian resorts which can sometimes be as a disadvantage. The ideal time for summer vacation is from the beginning of June till the end of August.

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The resort is overcrowded mainly during the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August. The average water temperature during the summer months is 26 – 28 degrees. The beach strip is more than 3 km long and about 100 m in width.


Golden Sands

Golden sands, Bulgaria - summer beach resort


However, the beaches are not the only attraction this resort has to offer. In the Golden Sands Nature Park tourists are able to see protected plants and various kinds of protected animals. In 1943 the territory of Golden Sands was declared to be a protected territory. This preserved the resort’s park untouched.

Visitors can take advantage if the mineral water springs, which are used from the ancient times. It is believed that even the Roman Caesars and Thraciains once used their healing power.


The nature in this region is ideal for the development of tourism. Golden Sands Resort offers various entertainments for the visitors. There are a number of different attractions and sports, for example, jet ride, water skies, scuba diving, water banana, beach volleyball and football, even a yacht ride, since the resort has a well-arranged yacht port. For more golden sands attractions click here.

The resort offers a lot of hotels, villas and apartments for accommodation. Most of the 69 hotels in Golden Sands are 3-star and there are 14 with 4-star. Many eating facilities, pubs, restaurants, cafes, ect. are located along the beach or even in the woods, from where the golden beach starts. The resort was additionally expanded during the recent years due to the foreign investments. The hotels are modern, and the staff is friendly and usually speaks English, Germans, Russian or other popular languages.

Golden Sands offers some great opportunities for business or learning events. The hotels there provide well-equipped halls for conferences or other special meetings. The key factor for the growing role of the resort plays its closeness to the Varna International Airport as well as to the city of Varna, which is called a sea capital of Bulgaria. The city itself provides also a lot of sights to visit.

The history of the resort’s name is quite interesting. “Golden Sands” originates from a legend, according to which pirates dug a great treasure in the shore not far away from Varna. However, the pirates were revenged by the land, which transformed their gold into beautiful golden sand.

Feautured Golden sands beach - award winning

The resort is among the environmentally cleanest resorts, a winner of a prestigious international award a “Blue Flag”. Here a monthly monitor of physical, chemical and microbiological readings is spent, which check the sea, sand and atmosphere. The guests of the resort have various types of transportation at their disposal. They can catch mini-trains or any of the solar-battery powered taxies, to rent bicycles or velorikshaws. Even the transport suggests that the tourists will have a lot of fun during the entire vacation spent in Golden Sands.


If you are looking for an accommodation in this popular resort and don’t want to spend too much time finding the right hotel, apartment or guest house – try to post an accommodation request and let the property owners make you an offer – exactly according to your requirements. It is the best way to find a room.


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