Five best fishing locations in the UK


United Kingdom has more than two hundred fishery locations across the country. This means that it could be difficult to single out five fishing spots and describe them as the best. One thing interesting about the fishing spots apart from fun you get is other side attractions. There is the joy of being very close to nature. Here are some of the best fishing places in the UK.

Beaver Fishery
One cannot discuss fishing spots in UK without mentioning Beaver Fishery. The fishery is in the border of Sussex and Surrey but it is within the surrey territory. The thing that makes Beaver Fishery interesting is the nine fishing lakes. The fishing lakes are spread to more than forty-nine acres. There are different types of fish here. The most popular among them are Tench, Carp, Roach, Catfish, Rudd and several others. The place is full of fun as night fishing is allowed; normally it is open between 7 am to 7 PM.

Carney Pools
Another interesting fishery place in the country is the Carney Pools. This is in Stafford. You will like this place because of the picturesque environment. There are two fishing lakes in Carney Pool. The area could boast of twelve acres of fishing space. There are different species of fish here which include the Roach, Tench, Chub, Gudgeon, Carp, Bream and few other species. Entrance to this space is not difficult as it is open between seven in the morning to eight in the night. This fishing spot is not open for night fishing. This place is popular because of the beautiful environment. There are lots of fun and side attractions too.

Catch 22
Another fishing site that you cannot afford to miss is the Catch 22. This fishery is in Wensum Valley in Norwich. The fishery consists of one big lake with a space of 20 acres. It has other smaller pockets of water. This fishery is more of carp fish. The carps here are of different sizes. If you have interest in carp fishery, Catch 22 is the place for you. The fishery is open 12 hours between 7.30 am to 7.30pm.

Celtic Lakes
If you have not visited Celtic Lakes then you have not seen the best of UK fishery site. The fishery is in West Wales. There are about six fishery lakes here. One thing that makes the place very interesting is the opportunity it gives you to have extended view of the surrounding environment. There are different varieties of fish here. They include the carp, catfish, tench, rudd, roach, bream as well as perch. If you are looking for fishing place that is open all day, Celtic lakes is the place.

Church wood fishery
Finally, the other interesting fishery spot in the country is the Church wood fishery in Essex. This is the home to fish and wild animals. If you decide to visit here, you will not only see fish but wildlife as well. There are two major lakes here. The fishery is of different varieties such as the Carp, tench, perch, rudd, as well as crucians. You are allowed only day tickets, night fishing is not allowed here.

These are few of best fishing locations in the country. There are hundreds of others.

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