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We decided to open the opportunity for all of you to earn money for writing quality content for our travel blog. We are looking for people who are willing to share their travel experience, travel tips with other people.

The best part is that we will pay you for article …

Accommodation request – what is it?

Are you sick and tired from searching for accommodation? Stop searching and create accommodation request. offers you this unique feature.

If you plan your vacation yourself, you always need to book a room to stay. There is so many hotels so it is hard to decide the one …

Accommodation auction as a way to rent your property


Want you rent your property or your free room? Why not try to create accommodation auction. Set your min. starting price and let people bid for a stay. offers you possibility to rent a room, cottage, house or any type of property via online auction. This is great …

What is Roomter about

In our first post on this travel advice blog, we would like to explain more about us, what means, how can you use this website to find quality accommodation for lowest possible prices.

Roomter is offering you 3 great ways to find and book the accommodation.

  1. Browsing the property
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