Why to have vacation in Primorsko


Last year my husband suggested we spend our summer holiday in Primorsko. I took a really jaundiced view of the perspective of going to a new, unknown place, but my husband was absolutely sure that we would have the perfect family vacation at this summer resort. He proved to [...] Continue Reading…

Five best fishing locations in the UK


United Kingdom has more than two hundred fishery locations across the country. This means that it could be difficult to single out five fishing spots and describe them as the best. One thing interesting about the fishing spots apart from fun you get is other side attractions. There is [...] Continue Reading…

Which town is the cheapest one for summer holiday?

Chernomorec, Bulgaria

When visiting Bulgaria in the summer you have many options for your vacation. Some offers are more expensive than others and if you want to spend less money, you should choose a cheaper resort.

Firstly you should be informed, that following two summer resorts are not so popular (that’s why [...] Continue Reading…

Golden Sands – Summer sea beach resort in Bulgaria

Feautured Golden sands beach - award winning

Golden Sands is among the most attractive and largest Bulgarian resorts, located only 18 km from Varna. Its location along the Black Sea coast beach offers beautiful and clean beaches where tourists can sunbathe and enjoy the safe water during the summer months.

Golden sands are between the top 5 [...] Continue Reading…

What to see in Bulgaria – Places where to go, things to do


It is very difficult to recommend what you should see in Bulgaria! There are so many things to do and places to visit – natural, cultural and archaeological landmarks in the country!

Lets take a look step by step what can Bulgaria offer. Besides classical summer resorts we will describe [...] Continue Reading…

The Top Attractions The Golden Sands Offers To The Tourists

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is a beautiful summer resort that is located only 17 km away from Varna. It is a preferred place for tourists to rest, due to the cozy hotels, the many facilities located in it, the clean water and beaches, as well as its great attractions.

There are many [...] Continue Reading…

5 top summer resorts in Bulgaria – where to go in Bulgaria

If you still don’t know which summer resorts in Bulgaria is the best place for your holiday, just read this article and make your choice.
My favourite summer resort ever is Sozopol. It is situated at 35 km south of Burgas, which is one of the biggest cities located on [...] Continue Reading…

Incredible Adventures For Speleologists – Three Famous Bulgarian Caves

Although its name means ‘three towns’, Trigrad is actually a small and sparsely populated village. Its name probably comes from its past origin. However, this village, located in the end of Bulgaria near the Bulgarian-Greek border, is very attractive place for the lovers of adventures, as it offers amazing [...] Continue Reading…

Wellness and spa resorts in Bulgaria

Apart from the sea, summer resorts and the mountain tourism, Bulgaria is famous for its wellness and spa tourism as well. Due to the hundreds of mineral springs in the country, with various chemical compositions, balneology has been developing quite well. Many wellness and spa resorts welcome tourists from all [...] Continue Reading…

Thracian history in the heart of Bulgaria

When talking about my home-town – Kazanlak, I need hours to explain the atmosphere of this ancient place, located in the bosom of Bulgaria. There are lot of more popular cities like Sofia, Varna and Burgas and summer resorts, but, this town is also worth place to go.


My memories [...] Continue Reading…

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